My Online People!


Vikki - where do I begin for Vikki?! I first met her on a WtD message board in December, and we became friends. We have a lot in common I guess, and she's always been there when I needed to talk & when I just needed to have a random convo! And of course, without her there would be no invading bunnies! :o And no convo's about orange kitkats, and so on! She's one of the nicest people I've ever met, love ya, xx.


Sar - my best online friend, I met her in December on h.tv where we got talking and became the best of friends! She's a lovely person, and we try and talk every day.


Dory (Viks) - I met Dorykins a little while ago, also on h.tv and she's just so much fun to be around! She makes me laugh so much, and her love of Claire & Cluke just goes beyond ridiculous! But I love her to bits for it, and I hope we always stay friends. Keep randomly texting me in the middle of the night baby!


Bob - probably the sweetest person ever to exist, she's always been there when I needed someone to talk to, and even though we've only known each other a little while, I know I could trust her with absolutely anything in the world! You are pretty hunni, you just can't see it. We'll always be friends, no matter what. Kimono & Abina loving forever!


Bexy - I've known Bexy for about a month now, and I met her through Bob & the fan fiction board! She's funny, random & another kimono lover, I hope we stay friends for a long time to come.


Sammie - I know you've been having a tough time lately, and if I lived near you then I'd be down your school yelling my head off at them for being so fucking unfair on you! You're a lovely person, and you've had such a hard time. Hope it all gets better hunni, you deserve the best.


Ali - although Ali is more of an actual friend, I'm putting her in here as well because if I hadn't met her online, we'd never have really become friends. She's funny, and I've known her since we were both little but I'm only just getting to be friends with her! Hope we stay friends, if we don't I'll have no one to talk to randomly in CDT, lol!


Looby - Viks' friend, I don't talk to you nearly enough! When I'm not so busy revising and stuff, we'll talk properly! Good luck with your GCSE's, and have a great birthday!


To all the other people who make h.tv so interesting, thank you, I didn't have time to include everyone I talk to! xx


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