My Friends...aren't they just amazing?!


Lexi -: I've known Lexi since we were both knee high to a lady bug, and so on! I was friends with her in junior and infants school, but we're really good friends now we're in year nine! Lexi is pretty much the only person who has the same taste in music as me!


Sarah -: I've known Sarah since...year eight probably! She is just lovely, even if she does so badly fancy Will! :P Okay, she doesn't but she's still nice!


Coral -: I can't believe she's put up with me on the way to school for the past year! She's my fellow 'speak without thinking' buddy! Although she's not as bad as me!


Anne -: My crazy, accident prone friend! She's mad, totally & utterly mad & batty but hey! Did you like sitting next to Scot?!


Carole -: My clever friend, I've known her since year eight & she was the only friend I had in science last year! Lmao.


Chaz - my German buddy! I so do not fancy Miss C or Ankur, crazy girly. Are you wearing mascara Chaz? OMG, we so have to murder Dodgy Vodka!


Katie - I've known her since year eight, she's been in my french, german and pretty much every other subject! She's fun, clever and just cool. And her hair is great, how can someone look nice with curly & straight hair?! Unfair...


Jenny - Sarah's best friend, and sooo funny! They rock at drama, always doing stupid things at lunch and stuff. They make a ridiculous pair, and sisters you know! *rolls eyes* They look so alike.

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